Highly specialised running coaching, designed to meet your needs.

Training Plans

Bespoke training plans for events or off-season. These plans are designed to fit around you, your life and your goals. We also provide monthly coaching plans for those who want the continual guidance of a coach to plan their running calendar.

Running Assessment

A 75 minute assessment of your running form, with a full report and suggestions for improvement.

One-to-One Coaching

Either as a one-off session or as a series. One-to-One coaching gives you the opportunity to improve your form, learn skills and drills and make big improvements over a period of time. This can be combined with a training plan, or as part of the monthly coaching plan for a holistic approach to your training.

Sports Teams

Running skills can be used in many different sporting settings. If your team wants bespoke session as part of pre-season training, input on during season training sessions or tips and trick to improve speed and agility then a running coach is a great place to start.

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